Attorney Agent Programs

SNP Title Co is underwritten by three of the largest Underwriters in the Country. As such, we are able to offer Attorney Agent programs in Illinois with:

Chicago Title / Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
WFG National Title Insurance Company

Please email us at for more information or for a packet to sign as one of our Agents. Be sure to direct us as to which Underwriter you prefer or we can sign you with all of them!

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Easy Document Preparation.

***SNP now has integrated software to help you prepare your closing documents. With just a little information and your existing title commitment, you can easily generate your closings documents. Documents include Warranty Deed, Bill of Sale and Affidavit of Title.
Click here to prepare your documents.

What we offer our Attorney Agent Partners

Highest splits available in the market
Decades of experience and knowledge
Quick, accurate turn times and Reliable, on-time closings
Top-notch communication and Outstanding customer service
Marketing assistance
Mobile closings
Online ordering and scheduling

How to Order

Order online at: SNP Order Form
Paper order form: SNP order form
Email your order information or contract to:

Useful Forms

Net income calculator
Fillable Closing Statement
Title Examining Checklist
Disclosure Statement Controlled Business Arrangement
Warranty Deed – Fillable
Warranty Deed – Tenants by the entirety – Fillable
Warranty Deed – Joint Tenancy – Fillable
Bill of Sale – Fillable
City Transfer Tax List
Judgment and Lien Affidavit
City of Chicago Water Application
City of Chicago Zoning Compliance Application

For more information on our residential title insurance services or to order a title today call us:
Illinois and Indiana Office: (630) 445-8761
Michigan Office: (231) 238-2251

***Disclaimer. The Easy Document Prep software is free of charge and there are no subscriptions necessary for SNP Title Attorney Agents only. We do not prepare legal documents, only facilitate the use of the software. All documents will be auto-generated on standard forms and must be approved prior to final completion. For all other clients, please consult a licensed Attorney for preparation of legal documentation, advice or direction. Please contact our office if you have further questions at (630) 445-8761.