For Sale by Owner FSBO

SNP Title has decades of experience in the Title and Real Estate Industry and one of our most noteworthy specialties is helping For Sale by Owner (FSBO) sellers. We pride ourselves in educating FSBO Sellers and guiding them through the process; explaining every detail and answering any and all questions.

Assuring a smooth and worry free FSBO closing is the most important part of the process.

Another way we assist is with a free “How-To” FSBO guide for our clients. The guide is designed to educate sellers on many of the ins and outs of the home selling process as well as pointing out important steps to take to better the chance of a quick sale.

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Here are just some of the things that SNP Title will do for FSBO sellers.

    • Personal meeting with our team to go over a plan for your sa
    • Review our “How-To” FSBO guide and resolve any issue, answer any questions.
    • Preliminary title search to make sure you have good title with no defects.
    • Thoroughly explain the closing process from start to finish
    • Deal with third parties like Realtors, Lenders, Attorneys, surveyors etc…
    • Order, examine and prepare the title commitment that will be provided to all parties
    • Obtain releases and other documents necessary to transfer title of your property
    • Coordinate with the buyer’s lender and broker the time and location of the buyer’s closing
    • Organize with Attorney for preparation of documents required to transfer title
    • Preparation of official Closing Disclosure with all final figures for both Seller and Buyer
    • Complete buyer’s loan closing; meeting all lender requirements
    • Disbursement of all funds to all parties
Post Closing
    • Issuance of Owner’s Title insurance policy protecting you on the sale of your home
    • Issue title insurance policies to new homeowners and their lenders
    • Facilitate the timely courthouse recording of documents necessary to transfer ownership of a home
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